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The World Cup with Moroccan Eyes

Now that the world cup has ended with France as winner, it’s time to watch how Moroccans reacted to its events from what I’ve seen on the streets and what I heard from people and what was trending on social media. Everything started after the referee whistle at the end of the game of Morocco against Côte d’Ivoire in Abidjan declaring that Morocco is one of the 5 nations representing Africa in the World Cup. A draw would have been enough for the Moroccan national team, but they players went to Côte d’Ivoire with one goal in mind: win the game and prove that they deserve their ticket to Russia. Just after the game the streets in all Moroccan cities were filled with people celebration this win by chanting songs. Morocco didn’t sleep that night. Moroccan people waited for this achievement for 20 years since Morocco didn’t put a foot in the World Cup since 1998 in France. It was even more special for me and my generation since I was born in 1999 and never seen such accomplishment. After few…

NBA Finals: Game 3 Warriors 3!!

Golden StateCleveland and LeBron James (39 points) were not enough. By winning at Cleveland (113-118) in Game 3 of the NBA Final, Golden State took a decisive step towards its second title in three years. The Warriors, who have made the difference with their Durant-Curry duo, are now only a success in making perfect play-offs (no defeat from the first round until the final victory) History of American sport.
Angered, LeBron James bounces the ball with all his strength: there still remains a thirty seconds to play in this match N.3, but the Cleveland superstar has understood. The Cavaliers missed their chance: while they led six points (113-107) three minutes from the siren, they physically and mentally faced Kevin Durant (31 pts) and Stephen Curry (26 pts) ), The two Golden State stars who scored the last eleven points of the encounter.
With this offensive duo, Golden State leads three wins to zero and has been the fifteenth consecutive win since the start of playoffs, never before seen in the NBA or any of the three major North American professional championships (baseball, hockey On ice, American football). The Warriors need only a success to pocket a fifth title and take their revenge on the Cavaliers who dethroned them a year ago at the end of an unlikely (4-3) final.

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